Brandclad - Pre-tender design service

Brandclad has established a dedicated pre-tender/ design service to help and assist with the design and development of a client's new-build project to ensure the maximum efficiency of construction, time and costs.

Many cladding/ roofing design aspects get missed when a design has been finalised and then goes to tender, some examples of these include:

  • The suitability of the steel work to utilise the chosen cladding/ roofing package
  • The need for additional steel supports to attached the cladding/ roofing. How much more will they cost (in time and money) to incorporate into the already finalised design.
  • For horizontal composite cladding has the need to install vertical supports to fix the horizontal cladding at the joint locations been taking into consideration?
  • Has the most cost efficient cladding/ roofing system been chosen?

Brandclad’s Pre-tender/design service takes all of the above into consideration and utilises our vast experience and that of our suppliers to advise and develop the optimum package/ final design prior to going to tender to ensure all efficiencies are met.