Roofing types

Stading Seam:

Renowned for their outstanding aesthetic and performance characteristics, standing seam roofing have been used extensively throughout the industrial, residential and agricultural sectors for over 20 years. Providing long-lasting, high performance and low maintenance solutions in a variety of materials and finishes.

Standing seam can be used in a vast range of applications from unusual aesthetically led designs to functional buildings. The systems concealed fixing method means the completed installation forms a smooth pleasing roof with no exposed fixings to leak, while the standing seam facilitates the venting of any entrapped moisture. Standing seams can be made to form convex and concave curves, waveform and tapered options.

Flat Roofing:


Brandclad are licensed contractors for the installation of both Sika Trocal and Fatra UK single-ply membrane roof finishes. The flexibility of single-ply allows designers greater freedom and can be used to achieve complex roof shapes.

The systems available for use in a wide range of applications including warm and cold roof constructions. The waterproof membrane can be cold bonded or mechanically fixed.

Single ply membranes can be covered with a variety of materials including:

  • Paving/ ballast
  • Lightweight timber decking
  • Sedum/ roof gardens / grasses etc

Installation is carried out to the highest standards by our team of manufacturer trained staff, using hot air or solvent based welding techniques.

Twin-Skin/Single-Skin Roofing:

Profiled twin-skin/single-skin roofing provides a cost effective solution available in an extensive range of coatings and finishes. Profiled metal roofing offers the widest range of shapes/profiles for the greatest design flexibility on any project.

Twin-skin roofing consists of an internal profiled metal liner sheet, a metal spacer system and an external profiled metal weathering sheet. These systems are insulated using glass or mineral wool quilt and they are built up on site.

Composite Roofing

These systems provide a factory manufactured insulated “all-in-one” pre-finished product suitable for use on almost any project. The one-component system provides a fast track, single-fix, thermally efficient and air tight solution.

The composite panel method of construction ensures that regulations relating to thermal insulation and air permeability are fully complied with. As a completely manufactured product, composite panels provide the essential reassurance that the project will not only meet the requirements of the regulations of today, but throughout its life.

Composite panels are available in a wide range of profiles /colours/ coatings and various thicknesses dependant on the thermal requirements of the project.